benefits of astroturf

Having an astroturf lawn in Houston can save you a lot of headaches (and back aches, and knee pain). With synthetic turf, you won’t be doing constant maintenance to make it look good, and you won’t be on your hands and knees pulling weeds. 

You won’t be paying money to water the lawn, and you won’t have to deal with bugs on your lawn. Most of all, you’re going to have your weekends back to yourself, able to do whatever it is you want to do–not worrying about what you should be doing in your yard.

Here are a few benefits of having an Astroturf lawn in Houston.

No Maintenance

An astroturf lawn is the ultimate set-it-and-forget-it yard installation. Once you put in an astroturf lawn, that’s it; you’re done. 

No Lawn Mowing

An astroturf lawn doesn’t grow, so there’s no need to be in the sun on those hot Houston afternoons with all the muggy, humid heat. Instead of mowing the lawn, you can relax indoors or even lounge by the pool. 

While your neighbors are spending their mornings going back and forth with their mowers, you could be at the golf course, the store, or watching the big game. Best of all, you don’t even have to own a mower anymore. No routine maintenance, no parts to replace, and no trip to the gas station to fill the can. Once it’s installed, you can forget about it.

No Weeds

There are no weeds to pull! No dandelions. No spouts of any kind. You’re getting your beautiful green yard looking like it just sprang up out of the earth, but nothing else will be growing along with it, so you won’t be down on your hands and knees ripping up crabgrass, ragweed, pigweed, and horseweed. 

No Chemical Pesticides Weed Killers

Because you don’t have to worry about weeds, there’s no need for weed killers, which contain many harsh and dangerous chemicals, nor is there any reason for pesticides, as bugs are not going to be burrowing into your Astroturf. Your lawn can be 100% chemical free.

Enjoy Your Weekend!

Because there’s no maintenance, you can kick back and enjoy your weekend. You’ve got plenty of things to do without worrying about mowing the lawn, trimming the edges, and moving the sprinklers. Imagine not being chained to any of that anymore so you can have your spare time to yourself–as it should be.

Save Money

Getting Astrofurt not only means you won’t be doing maintenance but you will also be saving money. Here’s how:

Water Conservation

Think of how often you have to water your lawn, and then imagine a world where none of that happens. All of that water that soaks into your lawn, or dribbles down your driveway into the gutter. But with Astroturf, you’re not watering anything (unless you’re growing a garden) so think of the water you’re saving, and think of what that will do for your water bill (and your wallet). 

Low Maintenance

With such low maintenance, as mentioned above, you won’t be spending money on expensive lawn equipment. No need for mowers, especially no riding mowers which can be extremely expensive. No need for trimmers or weed eaters. No need for all the money spent on fertilization and aeration and power thinning. It is a low-maintenance yard, period.

It Always Looks Great

An Astroturf yard always looks good, no matter the weather, no matter the season. It doesn’t go dormant in the fall, and it doesn’t dry up in the summer heat. But there’s more: 

Perfect for Dogs

Dogs love an Astroturf lawn. They roll on it and play on it as much as they play on a regular lawn. And when the dog needs to do their business, it can be picked up in a bag and then given a quick spray with the hose. Best of all, those dogs won’t be digging any holes in the lawn. The lawn is protected and safe always, and your animals are content.

No Muddy Patches

When it rains, even torrential rains in Houston, your Astroturf lawn won’t turn into a muddy puddle as a regular lawn would. Not only does a muddy puddle look bad, but it also kills grass (and leaves a mess for your dog to play in). None of that with an Astroturf lawn.


Astroturf is durable. On a grass lawn, you might get worn patches, such as the path to the shed, or the spot under the swing set. You might even get worn-down areas along the fence line where your dog likes to run. None of that with a durable Astroturf lawn. 

Doesn’t Need Direct Sunlight to Grow

If your Astroturf is underneath a tree, in a narrow space between two buildings, or any other place where the sun doesn’t get it, it will still be green and fresh. Astroturf doesn’t rely on the sun, so anyplace in your yard that you want to put it will be green and verdant.

Drought Resistant

And in those late summer months when the rains haven’t been falling, and your neighbors’ yards are looking yellow, yours will still be as green as ever. Drought doesn’t deter an Astroturf lawn.


So whether you’re concerned about the amount of maintenance you’ll have to put into your yard, the appearance of your yard, or the amount of money you’ll have to spend on your yard, you can rest assured that Astroturf has got you covered. If you’re in the Houston area, Astroturf may be the right choice for you and your home.

Are you ready to see what your yard looks like when it’s green all year round?

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