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Summer bliss comes from moments spent outside, lying in the grass, a book in your hands. 

A gorgeous garden is an open invitation for family get-togethers, hosting neighbors, or having your go-to quiet spot for peace and relaxation in the evenings. 

Then comes the bad news. Lawn maintenance is not practical for every lifestyle – and it can be difficult to look after lawns that continuously grow in a blink of an eye. Astroturf is a brilliant solution for busy livelihoods, with low maintenance required and easy installation. 

However, when deciding to install astroturf, there’s one common concern among potential consumers: fear that the synthetic materials used in astroturf may be unsafe. After all, they often want what’s best for their family.

We’ve put together an informative article to provide insight to prospective buyers in Houston looking into astroturf as an option for their outdoor spaces. Here at Unique Outdoor, we provide high-quality pet turf and synthetic grass, so you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your freshly renovated space.

The astroturf grass we use is safe for pets and humans alike – here’s why. 

What Is Astroturf Made Of?

To make astroturf (or “artificial grass”), three materials are often used: nylon, polypropylene, and polyethylene. However, the exact materials used to make turfs range between different manufacturers and brands.

Manufacturing astroturf is a complex process, but here are the common features: 

  • Thatch Layer: Thatch in astroturf, which supports the cushioning, is often made from polypropylene. 
  • Backing: The backing holds the grass blades. It can be made from polyester.  
  • Grass Blades: Grass blades can be made from nylon or polyethylene, depending on the astroturf. The grass blades, when finished, should be UV resistant and hold a beautiful green color for as long as possible. The finished turf will look almost like natural grass, and it will remain durable for a long time. 
  • Turf Cushioning: The cushioning can contain recycled plastic, polyester foam, or some rubber compounds. Although some rubber compounds may be unsafe at high enough levels, the levels found in modern astroturf should not cause health concerns.   

In short, astroturf grass installed today is designed to look as similar to “real” grass as possible, while also being suitable (and safe) for domestic use. 

Is an Astroturf Safe?

While we can’t speak for every supplier, we guarantee here at Unique Outdoor, that only high-quality astroturf grass and putting greens are installed. The components in our synthetic grass, putting and chipping greens, and pet turf are safe for the whole family to use and enjoy. 

However, there is one key piece of information that every customer should pay attention to – synthetic grass should never be installed near open, active, fire pits due to the potential to melt. If you use fireworks and fire pits, think carefully about the location of your astroturf. If your astroturf sustains fire damage (or already has), our team can repair the affected area and restore the appearance of your turf.  

Astroturf Installation in Houston TX

In conclusion, based on the materials used, there’s nothing to suggest that astroturf grass releases unsafe levels of artificial vapors or particles into the environment. With this in mind, astroturf lawns are safe to install around your home, so you can enjoy the beauty of synthetic grass or pet turf without worrying about your family’s health!

If you want more details about materials, installation advice, or prices – we’re here in Houston, TX, to answer questions. Contact us today for a free quote! 

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