What Can Outdoor Lighting Do for You?

Now is especially the time to think about outdoor lighting as the weather turns nicer and the temperatures start climbing. When the days get hot and muggy, people can still go outdoors in the evening when they have outdoor lighting. Think about it: one of the best reasons to install outdoor lighting is to reclaim the night! Here are some more practical reasons for having outdoor lighting around one’s home.

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Expand Your Home Outside

Having the right outdoor lighting will allow homeowners to use their patio, porch, and outdoor walkways when the sun goes down.

When it gets too hot to be outside in the daytime, homeowners can enjoy the evenings and night with a little help from landscape lighting. Parties soon become more enjoyable when guests aren’t limited to the inside. Guests can enjoy dining or drinks under the stars. For quieter, more intimate get togethers and conversations, nothing beats sitting outdoors.

Emphasize Your Property’s Boundaries

Many homes use fences or shrubbery to delineate their property’s boundaries, but that can get lost at night. Adding light in addition to fencing and hedges will not only establish a property line, but will also let guests know where the property ends.

Illuminate the Best Features of a Home and Yard

Landscape and outdoor lighting can illuminate and highlight the best portions of a home and yard in the evening. A home may look great in the daytime, but unless it has great landscape lighting, it will look… dark.

Bring a home and yard’s beauty to the neighborhood by installing landscape lighting. Landscape lighting will emphasize a home’s great architecture, and if there is a special feature, it can emphasize it as well. Ideas for highlighting a yard include: trees, paths, flower beds, waterfalls, streams, pools, ponds and more!

Keep Your Home Secure

It’s common knowledge that lighting helps keep criminals away. So what other better way to provide good home security than to have lighting around a house? Criminals prefer darkness, so having landscape lighting is a great crime deterrent. Choose lights that remove the shadows from areas around pathways, porches, entryways, and windows. The fewer places criminals have a chance to hide, the more it’s likely they will pass on a property.

Provide General Safety

Walking around in the dark can be hazardous. Family members and guests can trip over steps, miss hand rails, and walk on uneven ground if there is no lighting. When an area is well lit, there’s less chance of tripping and falling!

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