Cornerstone Values

Serving Houston

For over 17 years we have delivered quality lighting and mosquito prevention services. Our mission is to make sure your outdoor area is protected and illuminated with options that fit your specific needs. Our early beginnings established the importance of the relationships between ourselves and clients. This emphasis is still true now, and our technicians take great pride in helping you find the right lighting and mosquito prevention systems. 

Leadership Matters 

The fundamental component to the success of our company is our leadership training that has been a focal point from the beginning. From the vision of managers, plans are clearly disseminated to every technician. The way we communicate internally is reflective of how we communicate with you. 

We understand that in order to deliver satisfactory results to you we must attentively listen. For our employees, it is a priority for them to develop trust and confidence with customers. The model of leadership we stand by makes these endeavors possible. 


Another aspect of our company is the importance of delegation. The founders of Unique Outdoor understood early on for the company to grow and evolve they would need to effectively delegate responsibility. Also, with the expansion of our technician team, we made sure to empower our employees with opportunities to adopt more responsibility. Our leadership philosophy focuses on cultivating trust with employees. The same trust our employees cultivate with management we foster with our clients. 
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