High-Value Outdoor Lighting Service in Houston

House exterior with porch walkay and lighting in the woods

Let there be light…and not just any light! With the expert advice and professional workmanship of Unique Outdoor, our lighting designs, services, and systems can outfit any home or business to become the showplace it has the potential to be.

It’s Not A Luxury

The porch light attached to the house, the lamp post situated in the front yard by the curb, or even the little decorative bulbs that line driveways or walkways to the door are just amateur fixes for a common problem: the necessary lighting of your property. It is a problem when you come home after dark and you cannot see where you are going or what may be in your path. You may trip and fall or run into a stranger in your yard. It’s dark and no one can see you from the street. Unique Outdoor has solutions that can address your concerns about safety and security while providing a service that also makes your property that much more personal and singular to your style and taste. We work closely with you and our staff of professional installers and designers assume complete control of and responsibility for our products and services.

Valuable Investment All Around

There is nothing more valuable than someone understanding what you want and then giving you what you paid for. Our lighting systems are all about value. They increase safety and security around your property, increase the esthetic vibe and curb appeal, increase the value of your property, and may actually affect your property insurance coverage. The value of our knowledge and experience means the difference between blatant institutional lighting and subtle, purposeful illumination that is designed with you in mind.  

A new perspective changes how everything looks. Unique Outdoor can give your property that great new look with our creative and uncommon attention to detail. We combine high quality systems like low voltage lighting and mercury vapor lighting with our proven techniques to provide accent, path, and specialty lighting to ensure a greater sense of peace of mind and appreciation of your home and yard.

At Unique Outdoor, we are artists and landscape lighting design in Houston  is our medium. Let us help you realize your property’s full potential personalized by enthusiasm, experience, and expertise.

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