An automatic mosquito misting system for your Houston, TX home is a great way to keep mosquitoes from bothering you, your family, or your pets. Instead of calling someone out to spray on a sporadic or monthly basis, where you have to organize a fresh spray or plan your time outside around your spraying schedule, automatic mosquito sprayers can do all the hard work for you without requiring you to do anything.

Nets and traps are only viable for smaller areas — and who wants to spend their time inside a cumbersome net when they’re trying to enjoy time outside. Even periodic sprays might not be enough if you live in a particularly troublesome area with lots of standing water as well as high humidity and heat — all things that mosquitoes love.

How Does an Automatic Mosquito Misting System Work?

An automatic mosquito misting system for your Houston, TX home is your first line of defense against the annoyance of mosquitoes. With nozzles that are installed around your outdoor areas and the exterior of your yard, a misting system is ideal for keeping a backyard or outdoor area ready for use at all times. 

automatic mosquito misting system houston tx

Instead of discovering a mosquito problem and waiting for a spray technician to come out, an automatic system allows you to spray less product more frequently at times that are most convenient for you.

Not only are automatic mosquito sprayers better for your Houston, TX home, but they’re also more convenient with automatic timers that can spray at the most optimal times — such as dawn or dusk — when mosquitoes are more active. With a connected tank and both organic and synthetic solutions available, an automatic mosquito misting system is both a cost-effective and convenient way to deal with a mosquito problem.

Misting Systems Are Better Than Monthly Sprays

When you call out a technician to come to spray your property, they’ll be bringing a tank of pesticide and know-how to target the problematic outdoor areas around your home. But the effects of a one-time spray don’t last forever. It can work for an event the next day or for a short while, but, eventually, the mosquitoes will return.

automatic mosquito misting system houston tx

With an automatic mosquito fog system at your Houston, TX home, you can hit the remote for a quick spray before any outdoor activity, or set the timers to spray daily for unfettered access to your home’s outdoor areas during the entire mosquito season. 

An automatic mosquito spray system will also rid your outdoor areas of other pesky annoyances such as flies, fleas, ticks, and gnats. Furthermore, ongoing costs for a mosquito auto spray system are very low. Just fill up the solution periodically and enjoy ongoing protection from those annoying mosquitoes.

How You Can Assist Your Spray System

While an automatic mosquito misting system can protect your Houston, TX home year-round from pesky mosquitoes, there are some things that you can do as a homeowner to help guard against a mosquito infestation. 

In addition to removing any standing water on your property and beginning your treatments well in advance of mosquito season, you’ll be helping your system perform at its best when the mosquitoes finally try to barge in.

For a long-term solution to mosquitoes, look no further than an automatic mosquito misting system from Unique Outdoor TX. We’ll come out and install and set up everything so all you have to do is push a button whenever you want anti-mosquito misting powers. Call us today!