Mosquitoes are extremely prevalent in the Houston, Texas area. These pesky insects infiltrate yards, homes, parks, and other outdoor spots starting from spring through the early autumn months. Over 3500 species of mosquitoes exist worldwide, and the United States is home to over 175 species of mosquitoes. Many of them cause deadly diseases amongst other problems for people and animals. Over 55 species exist in Houston; however, the three most common species are Culex pipiens, Anopheles quadrimaculatus, and Aedes albopictus.

Problems Caused by Mosquitoes

In addition to being annoying and irritating, mosquitoes carry diseases that cause serious conditions in humans, pets, and livestock.

The Anopheles quadrimaculatus species is the most common carrier of the malaria parasite in the Houston, Texas area. These mosquitoes are active just prior to sunrise and at dusk.

The Culex pipiens mosquito lives primarily in urban settings and cities, and are known to carry the West Nile Virus. The Culex pipiens is active during the evening, mostly at dusk.

The Aedes albopictus mosquito also carries diseases, including eastern equine encephalitis, dengue fever, and heartworm, which is very dangerous to pets. These mosquitoes are active mostly in the daytime hours.

In addition to these three common species of mosquitoes, the Asian Tiger mosquito has become increasingly prevalent in Houston. First brought to the U.S. in 1985 by larvae found in a shipment of used tires from Japan, the Asian Tiger mosquito has spread across most of the southern United States. It thrives in standing water, can live for extended periods of time in its larvae state, and it often carries the West Nile Virus.

Other species of mosquitoes are known to spread yellow fever and encephalitis.

Living, playing, and working in Houston does not have to involve suffering from irritating and potentially dangerous mosquito bites. By knowing the species of mosquitoes prevalent in Houston, you can find an appropriate solution to rid your property of mosquitoes.