mosquito misting systems

The sun is out, and the outdoors are filled with tons of fun and relaxation for those who spend too much time cooped up in an office or a school room. Spending the entire time being eaten alive by mosquitoes and other bugs can ruin all of the joy, and bug sprays can leave you feeling gross and smelly. Here are a few other options to help protect yourself from airborne insects while you’re outdoors.

Mosquito Misters

A series of misting machines that spray an insecticide during the height of mosquito activity every day will keep the population under control throughout the year. The carefully formulated insecticides do their job and dissipate quickly, leaving the area free from other bugs that are vital to a thriving ecosystem. All you have to do is make sure the misters are working, and your yard will be free of mosquitoes.

Fog Treatment

When there’s a bug infestation in the home, the solution is obvious: set a bug bomb, seal the building, and go enjoy the park for a few hours. If your home is surrounded by a swarm of mosquitoes, it can feel like there’s no option but to light a candle and endure the bites that happen anyway. A monthly mosquito fogging treatment can disperse anti-mosquito mist over areas as wide as a golf course or park trail to push back the oncoming horde.

Take Back Your Yard!

If mosquitoes are ruining your backyard, then call on Unique Outdoor for mosquito-killing fog treatments and custom automated mosquito misting systems in Houston that solve your bug problem with effective modern solutions.