residential project of outdoor lighting on home

Undertaking an outdoor landscape lighting project in Houston TX is important for aesthetic and practical reasons. Not only does it add to the beauty but also safeguards your property at night as thieves and burglars tend to stay away from well-lit areas. 

In this post, we have covered key considerations related to Houston landscape lighting. 

What Do You Light in Your Outdoor Landscape?

While taking on a modern outdoor lighting project in Houston TX, how do you decide which areas should be lit and which ones should be left in the dark?

Here are a few things you can consider:

  • Identify key features of your landscape such as a stately tree or a pond. Highlight outdoor landscape lighting to accentuate these features.
  • A simple stone wall that may not stand out during daytime can add a whole new appeal when gazed at with shadow and light at night. 
  • Ponder upon functionality. Light up your meandering pathway or a deck of stairs so that you can safely move about at night without the risk of injury. 

Choices of Light

For unique outdoor lighting in Houston TX, you can go for path lights, spotlights, or floodlights. Or you can take a hybrid approach and consider a combination of the three. If you want to illuminate a large area, floodlights are a great choice.

On the other hand, spotlights are used for a narrower beam of light. For lighting your walkways, path lights are more appropriate. For each area of your landscape, you can pick the suitable lighting of your choice. 

Another question may arise whether you should go for fluorescent, halogen, or LED lighting. 

  • Fluorescent: They are more energy-efficient and affordable than halogen bulbs. However, they contain toxic mercury. If broken, they pose a grave health risk.
  • Halogen: These produce brighter and whiter light compared to fluorescent light. However, they emit considerable heat and use more electricity. 
  • LED: These have emerged as customer favorites when it comes to outdoor lighting in Houston TX. Even though they cost more, they are efficient and offer lasting performance. 

Benefits of Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting System

Most landscape lighting in Houston TX is low voltage today and for good reason. They are less expensive to install and safer to work with compared to 120-volt systems. Even though they receive 1/10th of the power, it does not limit the effects that can be achieved. 

Owing to a step-down transformer, low-voltage outdoor landscape lighting in Houston Texas can achieve a subtle glow over a garden wall, ethereal moonlight effects – you name it. 

It’s not just about selecting the right hardware. An aesthetic lighting scheme requires artistry which is why we recommend hiring a pro for landscape lighting in Houston TX

How Much Maintenance is Necessary?

To prevent overheating, keep fixtures free of debris and leaves. In an event of voltage overload, replace burned-out bulbs immediately. This will protect other fixtures on the circuit from damage as well. You can also schedule a professional outdoor lighting maintenance visit with us.

What’s the Durability of Fixtures?

Depending on the type of fixture, warranties range from 1-10 years. Stainless steel, copper, or brass fixtures should last longer. 

Modern outdoor lighting is no easy feat. It necessitates extensive design experience. Hence, your best bet is to opt for a professional like Unique Outdoor TX.

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