The spring season is about life, prosperity, growth, and expansion. Unfortunately, humans aren’t the only ones to lavish in the springtime warmth.

Protecting your household from mosquitoes can become difficult during warm seasons, but several tips exist for fending off blood-sucking pests. Often, mosquitoes mate, move, and feed near household areas—and for good reason: The food is consistent, shelter is in abundance and temperatures are less dangerous. Fending off mosquitoes this season needn’t be hard, however, and the following tips, when implemented, ward away flying pests well.

Get Rid of Standing Water

Standing water equates to mosquito breeding grounds. Reducing standing water directly reduces a mosquito’s ability to reproduce. Similarly, it’ll detract pests from loitering nearby.

Sometimes, the best cure is prevention and reducing breeding capabilities as the season changes will greatly reduce mosquito presence when the weather is warm. When searching for standing water, don’t forget these places:

  • Exposed pipes
  • Septic systems
  • Exterior hoses
  • Drains
  • Ditches

While some areas may not be coverable, such as pools, tarps effectively “block” water access—directly removing it from a mosquito’s “land of opportunity”.

Get Mosquito-Repelling Plants

Planting mosquito-repelling plants are both a productive and lucrative adventure. Catnip, pansies, Marigolds, Thai lemongrass, garlic, and citronella grass all ward off mosquitoes, and they’re lovely to implement in any yard.

Plant Mosquito-Repelling Plants in Effective Places

To go a step further, planting these effective, deterrent plants in the following areas ensures your house’s protection, too:

  • Window sills
  • Front yard berms
  • Areas near air vents
  • Areas near exposed pool pumps

These plants deliver an unappealing odor to mosquitoes, but they’re excellent inclusions to any household. Additionally, growing your own garlic is incredibly healthy—providing a way to kill two mosquitoes with one stone.

Get a Mosquito Misting System

Sometimes, comprehensive coverage works best. Mosquito misting systems maintain yard coverage—spraying repellent into unseen areas capable of fostering mosquito larvae. Mosquito misting systems are one of the most effective preventative devices, and they’re virtually invisible when implemented the correct way.

Eliminating mosquitoes sometimes requires continuous effort—and a mosquito misting system is capable of providing coverage inaccessible to humans. Regardless of your household’s requirements, mosquito misting systems adequately protect a wide range of areas, including pools, entryways, grill areas, docks, and side yards. It’s a great investment, and it’ll likely serve your household for years.