You’ve probably heard it before: mosquitoes are tough to get rid of. However, for most problems, a solution exists, and homeowners can utilize intensive misting systems services to rid their yards of pesky, bloodsucking pests.

With several fogging options, and with intuitive services provided through Unique Outdoor’s intensive services, misting systems have never been more effective! Here’s how it repels mosquitoes:

Constant Misting and the Line of Defense

Generally, misting utilizes several “mist” layers, comprised of mosquito repellent. Often, mosquitoes camp out on porches, back cabanas, and cooking areas.

Your mist-based mosquito sprayer arrives to offer quick, intuitive solutions to any area’s mosquito problem. Insecticides kill mosquitoes on contact, but they’re incredibly limited by their distribution. In many ways, squirting mosquito repellent isn’t nearly as effective as misting—as a constant “cloud” of repellent consistently removes pests from the picture.

The Mosquito Misting System

Mosquito misters utilize digitally-controlled reservoir systems and high-pressure pumps. Once the system’s digital controls are activated by the user, its pump and motor assembly excrete a fine insecticide mist.

Additionally, remote controls have been implemented into newer systems, giving service providers total control over mist production. For weddings, backyard events, and other situations, mosquito insecticide is always under control.

Quick, Quiet, and Effective

Modern mosquito misting systems have come a long way. Like any insecticide-based extermination system, it’s incredibly prone to aesthetic “clumsiness”. Thankfully, modern misting systems are incredibly maneuverable. Once turned on, your technician’s device is incredibly accurate, so every mosquito hideout is taken care of.

Additionally, each system is outfitted with anti-drip misting nozzles. These nozzles spray enough concentrate to kill mosquitoes without being bulky, and many miniature stream nozzles keep insecticide away from floors, balconies, and grill areas.

Constant Mosquito Protection from Multiple Angles

As with any pest removal service, mosquito misting is incredibly effective due to its multi-angular availability. Your household isn’t limited to a single system, and your intelligent provider always checks the “hard to reach” areas.

As soon as your provider arrives, the area is mapped, and your service begins! Lawn fixtures, rocky areas, poolside implementations, irrigation systems, and lamps are constantly accounted for, so mosquitoes are always extracted from tough areas. Throughout the process, you’re granted full visibility, so every step of service is totally accounted for.

Unique Outdoor Mosquito Repellent Misting System in Houston

If you’ve had it with mosquitoes ruining your backyard barbecues, outdoor events, and get-togethers each and every year, you need the convenience and power of a mosquito misting machine. 

After an easy setup by one of our qualified technicians, your mosquito repellent misting system will make short work of mosquitoes in and around your property — all without you having to lift a finger.

Designed to effectively resolve any mosquito issue you have, our mosquito repellent misting system is by far the easiest way to deal with mosquitoes — just set the timer and see how daily sprays can make your outdoor areas inhospitable to mosquitoes that love to bug you and your family the second you set foot outdoors. 

Mosquito Misting Systems Automation

With the power of technology and automation, you can deal with a pesky mosquito problem from the comfort of your home. Instead of calling for mosquito spraying once a month, you can have your very own backyard mosquito-killing machine that gives you the power to take back the outdoor areas around your home with just the push of a button.

Whether you have an upcoming event or you just want peace and quiet whenever you head outside for a few minutes, our mosquito repellent misting system delivers our specially formulated botanical insecticide directly to the places where mosquitoes love to congregate, like your property line, near standing water or the various nooks and crannies around your home. 

The insecticide kills immediately on contact, even after the mist has settled, which means that you’ll get all-day protection even with a quick misting in the morning or a misting from yesterday.

Benefits of Our Automatic Mosquito Misting System

While traditional spraying can do the job, the toughest mosquito problems need the toughest defense system available. That’s why our precision-engineered mosquito misting nozzles are installed to cover the entire perimeter of your property — so that mosquitoes have no place to go. 

Misting solutions are also biodegradable and safe for kids and pets, meaning that you don’t have to worry about poisoning your garden or the animals and loved ones that spend time outside.

In just 60 minutes, you can go from mosquito hell to a serene, mosquito-free space with the power of a mosquito-repellent misting system. Whether you like to set the timer and forget the rest or you reach for the remote before your next big event, a mosquito misting machine is the easiest way to deal with an annoying mosquito problem.

Mosquito Misting System Maintenance

Once installed, a mosquito misting system is virtually invisible, fading into the background with a healthy reserve of power whenever you need it. From tankless mosquito misting models to traditional drum-based versions, we can place your mosquito misting solution wherever it’s most convenient for your landscaping and home. 

All it takes is 30-60 seconds of mosquito misting to rid the area of mosquitoes — and if you shoot for misting at dawn and dusk you’ll be hitting the mosquitoes when they’re most active and most vulnerable. The mist itself drifts through your property, settling on grass and other landscaping features — once a mosquito touches down they’re quickly killed by the mixture. 

The best part is that other pests such as spiders, flies, gnats, and no-see-ums will also be conveniently dealt with via our convenient misting systems, giving you an outsized benefit that’s never been easier to use.