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Mosquitoes are among the most dominant pests during summer and spring in the Houston, Texas area. They pose a threat both to humans and pets because they can transmit diseases.

Mosquitoes breed outside but can also come into the house, making it uncomfortable for you and your pets. Treating them is essential to kill them, repel them, and prevent their eggs from hatching. 

What Is Involved In Mosquito Treatment?

When you seek mosquito treatment in Houston TX, there are several things involved in the process. The most important one is an inspection of your property to identify the heavily infested areas and areas where mosquitoes breed.

If you call on us for the services, we also eliminate areas where mosquitoes breed, like stagnant water and long grass.

How To Prepare For Mosquito Treatment

Depending on the size of your home and the level of infestation, the time it takes to administer the treatment differs. However, the average time it takes is about 30 to 40 minutes. 

If you want the treatment done outside, you and your pets need to be inside the house and close all your doors and windows.

After the treatment, you should wait for around 30 minutes before going outside.

How Long will Mosquito Treatment Last?

Several factors affect how long the mosquito treatment will last, including the application method, environmental conditions, weather, and mosquito population around your home. Typically, mosquito treatments last for 30 days, after which the pesticide begins to dilute, lowering mosquito protection. 

If there are strong winds or rain, we cannot apply mosquito treatment. That is because the wind will blow away the treatment, reducing the amount that lands on the grass. The rain will also wash away the treatment if it rains within 30 minutes of application.

Once we apply the mosquito treatment, it will kill the ones that land on the treated plants; it also has a repelling effect that deters mosquitoes from coming to your property.

Once the treatment dries on the grass, the rain will not negatively affect it. We recommend applying mosquito treatment every month during the mosquito breeding season for the most effective results.

What Area Sizes Are Treated?

If you call us to apply mosquito treatment in your home, we first assess the size of the area. Typically, we’ll focus on the grass because that is where most of the mosquitoes hide and breed. We also treat wooded areas, areas with thick foliage, and damp, shaded areas. 

If your yard is over an acre, we start by spraying 1 acre, then progress as needed. Otherwise, we spray the whole yard.

Schedule Your Mosquito Treatment in Houston Today

If you are looking for the best mosquito treatment in Houston, TX, Unique Outdoor TX is the place to be. We have the best mosquito misting systems available and keep your home free of mosquitoes. 

In addition, we also install mosquito control and mosquito spray systems throughout Houston. In case they break down, we offer labor and parts warranties. To get the best mosquito control contact us for a free quote!

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