With summer upon us, mosquitoes will ruin your outdoor barbecues and activities. From lawn parties to simply lounging around on the patio, mosquitoes love to irritate and annoy humans. While several homeowners choose to install cutting-edge Mosquito Control Systems, there are other treatment options available.

As an industry leader in mosquito and pest control services, Unique Outdoor specializes in monthly fogging services for all residential and commercial clients. These services protect your yards and environment when you need them the most. They are also perfect for outdoor activities, parties, weddings, parks, recreational areas, and so much more.

Why Monthly Fogging?

Monthly fogging offers a quick solution to customers that are pressed for time. While a secondary option, this service will meet homeowners’ needs within time and budget. These services are perfect for those that need the following:

  • A quick fix or a few months of mosquito control instead of year-round services.
  • No permanent and automated mosquito systems were installed. Instead, rental and monthly fogging options are available.
  • Want to make small, monthly payments for monthly fogging services instead of one large upfront payment?

The Benefits of Monthly Fogging

There are several benefits associated with monthly fogging. For one, your yards and backyard area are guaranteed to be mosquito and critter free. The materials used are also safe for both humans and domesticated pets. These services even prevent mosquitoes from gaining a foothold in your exterior or interior environments.

Mosquitoes carry several dangerous diseases. This includes malaria, encephalitis, and other harmful diseases. All it takes is one bite to transmit these diseases and cause irreparable damage and harm to bodily functions. To protect yourself and your loved ones from these airborne invaders, you need the right mosquito elimination and eradication services.

Unique Outdoor Mosquito Treatment Options

As much as we hate mosquitoes, they are here to stay. While most mosquitoes love to congregate in humid and arid areas, they also tend to gather in colder areas. This includes crawlspaces, basements, and even attics. To ensure maximum eradication for home and business owners, Unique Outdoor offers a range of timely, affordable, and effective services. You need to contact them to discuss your available options and choices.

While Unique Outdoor specializes in innovative Mist Away Mosquito Misting Systems, their monthly fogging services will achieve your desired results. Summer is the perfect time to have fun with loved ones and friends. Why allow mosquitoes and other critters to spoil your outdoor parties and enjoyment?

For more information on Unique Outdoor Monthly Fogging services, please get in touch with us today.

What Does Fogging Do To Mosquitoes?

Mosquito fogging treatments are a necessary part of mosquito season if you like to spend time outdoors at home. If you’re not being proactive with a potential mosquito problem, mosquitoes will overrun your outdoor areas just as you’re gearing up to start using them. 

Forget about those weekend barbecues or playing a game of catch before the big game — it only takes a couple of weeks for a mosquito infestation to take hold, and once that happens it’ll be even harder to get rid of the mosquitoes.

The good thing is that mosquito fogging treatments work, and after a recent spray, you’ll enjoy a reprieve from the assault of mosquitoes until the treatment wears off and it’s time for another application. 

For adult mosquitoes, fogging kills them on contact, but it doesn’t do anything for mosquito eggs and larvae that hide in the nooks and crannies in your yard. That’s why fogging mosquitoes needs to be done regularly so that the mosquito fogging treatment can address each new batch of mosquitoes.

Why Schedule Mosquito Fogging Treatments?

Because adult mosquitoes only live for about two weeks, it’s important to schedule mosquito fogging treatments at least once a month to keep them at bay. Just one adult female can lay hundreds of eggs in shallow, standing water, and it only takes a couple of days to hatch into larvae — and another couple of weeks for the larvae to grow into adults. 

Therefore, each month you’ll be dealing with a different mosquito infestation, and monthly fogging can help you stay ahead of it all. If you neglect to keep up with your monthly fogging treatments, mosquitoes can overrun your property when heading outside for that event or get-together. Instead, regular mosquito fogging services can help you stay ahead of any mosquito problem, giving you back your outdoor areas whenever you need them.

Can You Do Mosquito Fogging Yourself?

While it’s possible to do mosquito fogging treatments yourself, you’ll need a whole host of equipment to complete the job safely and effectively. In addition to a sprayer, you’ll need pesticide and safety equipment such as a mask and suit to prevent the mist from attaching to your clothes or getting into your lungs. 

Some commercial solutions can also be hazardous, so don’t think that you can skip ahead and fog your outdoor areas without doing some necessary prep.

On the other end of the scale, cheaper foggers or inexperienced DIY-ers won’t effectively spray material in all the places you need, like the dark nooks and crannies around your yard and close to the house, meaning that you could be facing a mosquito infestation in short order even after a recent spray. Also, unless you know what you’re doing when you spray, you could be wasting your time and money. 

Instead, you’re better off hiring the experts and sitting back while we take care of it. If you’re not interested in the idea of monthly sprays, try an automatic misting system that can give you the power to mist whenever you need it.

Let the Experts at Unique Outdoor TX Handle It

For mosquito problems large and small, the experts at Unique Outdoor TX have your back. From periodic spraying to comprehensive monthly misting services and automatic mosquito fogging treatments, we’ll help you reclaim your outdoor areas just in time for your family to enjoy it. Just call us today to get started.