mosquito control houston

Now is the time to be outside and eat, drink, and be merry! Unfortunately, the mosquitoes feel the same way, and they are gearing up for the party. Even if you manage to avoid the pests that carry viruses like West Nile or Zika, almost everyone has a physical reaction to mosquito saliva that prevents the blood from clotting while it is being consumed. Most people suffer a small red bite that itches, a red bite area that expands into a big welt, or an inflamed bite accompanied by a fever.

Either way, mosquitoes are a nuisance that causes no end of inconvenience and discomfort, but Unique Outdoor has got your back, your front, and your entire home, office, and yard. As experienced mosquito control experts, we offer multiple options to keep your family, friends, guests, and clients safe and comfortable while on your property.

Long-Term Mosquito Control

Automated misting systems are designed for reliable and personalized pest control. All equipment is installed by trained and experienced professionals, which means lines, hoses, tubing, and the reservoir itself are strategically placed to be concealed and purposeful. The system will spray regularly to provide consistent and complete coverage based on your personal needs.

If you feel the need for extra protection, then feel free to activate the system remotely from anywhere in your home or office in between your scheduled emissions. The system could also be a selling point should you decide to put your house on the market. Everyone in Houston needs a secure way to control mosquitoes and avoid the possible dangers that they carry.

Short-Term Mosquito Control

Monthly or temporary fogging is a great option for renters or people looking for a one-time treatment or pest control for a limited time. If you plan a gathering at your home, office, or another meeting place, then Unique Outdoor can provide a mosquito-free environment for the event. If you are looking for protection for only a little while, say the height of the mosquito season, then regular spraying for the duration is ideal for you.

All chemicals and equipment are top-of-the-line and state-of-the-art. Together they control harmful pests while allowing ladybugs, butterflies, and other such purposeful insects to go about their natural routine unaffected.

Don’t let mosquitoes ravage your summer experience. We provide automated mosquito misting in Houston. Contact us today to decide how the professionals can best serve you!