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When There is a Pause in Service

When mosquito spraying services are paused for whatever reason it is important to ensure that you do not leave puddles of standing water around. Puddles with even the smallest amounts of water can be fertile breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Also, it is important to act fast because the mosquito life cycle is approximately 5-7 days and then they will turn into fully formed winged adults.

Repel them before they Get Close 

Oil of lemon and eucalyptus solutions are detestable aromas to the mosquito. This is a natural solution that you can use without introducing harsh chemicals. Old coffee grounds, garlic, lemongrass, cedarwood, and peppermint are other natural solutions you can employ if you have a pause in our services. 

Mother Nature Can Help

Mother nature can help by attracting mosquito predators. Predators like dragonflies, salamanders, lizards, frogs, and spiders love to feast on mosquitoes. Of course, these natural critters will do their part to keep mosquitoes at bay, but they won’t eliminate every mosquito for you. Whenever mother nature is not able to keep mosquitos out, we will do our part to make sure you stay protected.

More Natural Ways To Prevent Mosquito Bites

There’s nothing worse than a pesky mosquito interrupting a lazy Sunday afternoon outside or an outdoor get-together with friends and family. But you don’t have to suffer needlessly when it comes to the scourge of mosquitoes, and you don’t need to resort to sticky sprays or creams to trade one headache for another. 

Natural ways to prevent mosquito bites are out there if you know where to look, and the best part is that once you understand how they work, you’ll be able to avoid encounters with mosquitoes wherever you happen to find yourself. That’s because mosquitoes are attracted to and are repelled by certain things, so if you can increase the things that they don’t like while decreasing the things that they do, you can shield yourself more effectively from those stinging, annoying mosquitoes.

Lemon Eucalyptus Oil

Common as an insect repellent for decades, lemon eucalyptus oil is well-known as a natural way to prevent mosquito bites. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) mention eucalyptus oil as an effective ingredient in mosquito repellent, and other studies also show that lemon eucalyptus oil can help prevent mosquito bites for up to three hours.

To create your own mosquito repelling solution, take one part lemon eucalyptus and mix in 10 parts witch hazel or sunflower oil. The mixture may not be safe for very young children under three, but for everyone else, it can provide an afternoon of mosquito-free fun.

Lavender Oil

Another natural way to prevent mosquito bites is lavender — or, more appropriately, the oil from crushed lavender flowers. The fragrance that crushed lavender flowers gives off is particularly displeasing to adult mosquitoes, and when it’s in a cream, it can also help soothe and nourish the skin. Lavender perfumes are another common way to repel mosquitoes and smell great at the same time. 

At home, it’s easy to grow lavender indoors or out. Once your flowers are grown, crush them and apply the oil directly to your body. Pay attention to areas mosquitoes love, such as the ankles, arms, and neck, or use a cloth to rub the lavender across larger areas. 

Cinnamon Oil

You can also add cinnamon oil to the list of natural ways to prevent mosquito bites. Not only does it repel adult mosquitoes, but it can also kill mosquito eggs in standing water, where the next generation of mosquitoes on your property is lying in wait. 

To create your own DIY solution, mix 24 drops of cinnamon oil with four ounces of water. The resulting solution can be sprayed directly on the skin or clothes without harm, and it even works around the house or outdoor furniture.

Thyme Oil

Thyme oil is yet another natural way to prevent mosquito bites. Studies have shown that a five percent thyme oil solution can give up to 90 percent protection against mosquitoes, though you can also burn thyme to prevent mosquitoes from outdoor areas for up to 90 minutes. 

The easiest way to use thyme is to throw some thyme leaves into a campfire, but if you’re traveling or don’t have access to a fire pit, you can mix four drops of thyme oil with olive oil. If you’d rather use a spray, mix five drops of thyme oil with a couple of ounces of water.

Other natural ways to prevent mosquito bites include Greek catnip oil, soybean oil, citronella, tea tree oil, geraniol and neem oil. But if you want to get serious, why not call the professionals to spray a non-toxic substance that keeps your outdoor area free from mosquitoes for weeks. Contact Unique Outdoor today to get started.