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Summertime makes for fun times as you enjoy the outdoors in full swing. From barbeques and pool parties to tabletop picnics and tennis, your yard can host many fun activities. Children can play outdoor games in the yard with their friends, and you’re free to enjoy your favorite hobbies in the much-awaited sun, such as gardening or reading, all from the comfort of your porch or outdoor space.

It sounds fun … unless your yard is infested with mosquitoes!

Mosquitoes are very annoying (sometimes even dangerous) pests that can ruin your peaceful and fun summers. They’re drawn to pools, gardens, yards, and even indoor spaces, which means you could find them in your outdoor space if you don’t take action. 

Read on to find out why mosquitoes are such a problem for you and your family, and discover why you need a mosquito misting solution in Houston, TX.

Why Are Mosquitoes A Problem in Houston TX

Houston is no doubt a great city to live in. However, being close to the Gulf of Mexico makes it prone to very warm temperatures and high humidity levels. Since mosquitoes thrive in warm, humid climates, it’s hardly surprising that Houston TX is ranked as one of the cities with the highest mosquito infestation levels in the US.

Mosquito activity in Houston, however, doesn’t remain at the same level all year round. As winter draws to an end, mosquitoes slowly emerge from their hibernation period. Activity levels begin to climb, reaching their peak in June and declining again as winter approaches. 

However, you don’t need to avoid your yard all summer just because of mosquitoes – not if you install a mosquito misting system from Unique Outdoor. Say goodbye to the disturbing buzzing sounds and the itchy, unpleasant bites by opting for an effective home mosquito treatment.

Are Mosquito Bites Dangerous?

They can be, yes. Sometimes, mosquitoes are far more than just nuisances buzzing around your yard. Mosquitoes can carry serious blood-borne diseases including:

  • Yellow fever
  • Malaria
  • West Nile virus
  • Zika virus
  • Dengue virus   

So while not all mosquitoes in Houston pose a danger to humans, you must do everything possible to eliminate them from your home to keep your family safe. 

Aside from installing a mosquito spray system, you should also wear mosquito repellent when you’re outside, and remove standing water from around the home to deter mosquitoes from visiting your property. 

Why Is Spraying for Mosquitoes Better Than Other Pest Control Methods?

Of course, there are other precautions you can take to prevent mosquitoes from ruining your yard this summer–here are the pros and cons of these options. 

  • You can clear your yard of standing water sources, which costs nothing. However, it won’t stop mosquitoes from surviving in your yard, and it won’t eliminate mosquitoes that are already present. 
  • You can hire a technician to spray your yard, which treats the problem at the source. On the other hand, it doesn’t stop mosquitoes from returning, so it’s only a short-term solution. 
  • Mosquito traps do work, and they won’t harm other insects. However, their effectiveness depends on the wind direction–which you have no control over. 
  • Residual sprays will kill mosquitoes on your plants effectively, but they’ll also kill other insects, and they won’t treat flying mosquitoes.  

Why is spraying for mosquitoes in Houston TX a better option? Here’s why. 

  • A professional misting system doesn’t just treat the mosquitoes in your yard – it targets future scourges. 
  • Rather than waiting for mosquitoes to take hold, you can stop them from infiltrating your yard space with mosquito fog spray. 
  • It’s more cost-effective than hiring a technician multiple times to cure the problem.

Contact us for a free quote for a mosquito control system in Houston TX!

Why Opt for Unique Outdoor’s Automatic Mosquito Misting System in Houston TX?

To make the most of the beautiful summers, you should take effective precautions now, since it’s always best to take preventative measures before the infestation begins. However, if it’s too late for that, don’t despair now is as good a time as any.

Unique Outdoor’s automatic misting system in Houston TX can help you protect your loved ones from harmful mosquitoes and their itchy bites and constant buzzing.

We use an extremely effective solution of botanical insecticides that helps to eliminate these unwelcome visitors while being gentle on humans and animals, and we place misting nozzles throughout the property in strategic positions to ensure that the entire yard is protected. Not only will our misting system eliminate mosquitoes, but it also helps to kill flies, wasps, and other pesky critters.

The best part is that the nozzles won’t damage the look of your landscape – our highly experienced and professional staff will ensure that the nozzles placed around the property are not visible. They can even custom-fit the automatic mosquito control system around your yard.

In addition, our auto mist mosquito control is automatically controlled, offering ease, convenience, and extraordinary efficacy. You can choose to disperse the repellants according to your preferences –program the auto-timer to switch on at the required times such as dusk and dawn when they’re most active.

Are you Ready to Limit Your Exposure to Airborne Mosquito Viruses?

If you are looking to reduce the presence of pesky mosquitoes and restore peace to your backyard, we can help. As our nation moves forward from the coronavirus pandemic, keep your loved ones protected from mosquito-borne disease. We offer top-of-the-line automatic mosquito misting systems in Houston, TX to place the power back in your hands.

Don’t let the mosquitoes get too comfortable, contact us today to reclaim your outdoor space.