With summer rapidly approaching, countless families are preparing for outdoor gatherings and barbecues. While summer is synonymous with pool and lawn parties, the warm season spawns mosquitoes of all shapes and sizes. These flying critters can ruin any outdoor family or event. They are also known to carry several diseases, including encephalitis and meningitis. This poses serious risks for loved ones and friends that get bitten.

Over the years, there have been several mosquito control products have flooded the market. This includes repellant sprays, along with exotic herbal creams that supposedly keep mosquitoes away. While some of these products have been proven to work, they only offer temporary solace with little to no lasting results. To secure timely and effective mosquito control, you need to call in the experts.

Unique Outdoor Mosquito Pros in Houston

As an industry leader in mosquito control, Unique Outdoor has proudly served the Greater Houston Area for over 17 years. With a highly dedicated team of experts, they specialize in mosquito eradication and elimination. This includes their signature Mosquito Misting Systems, designed to effectively control mosquito infestation.

MistAway Mosquito Control System

In addition to encephalitis and meningitis, mosquitoes also transmit malaria, West Nile Virus, and several other diseases. This can lead to extensive medical issues and ailments for anyone that gets bitten. With mosquito misting systems, however, you are guaranteed a formidable defense against these airborne virus carriers. With intricate parts and components, misting systems emit insecticide from their nozzles. This helps eliminate mosquitoes at their core without leaving any residue or harming friendly daytime insects. These innovative units require no special plumbing as well. The plug into any available 110 outlets.

MistAway Systems offer timely and effective mosquito control. There are several benefits associated with mosquito misting systems. This includes:

  • Fully Digital Weatherproof Timer – allows home and property owners to control misting times automatically. The mechanism can also be programmed to turn on at dusk or dawn; when mosquito activity is at its highest.
  • Remote Control – perfect for activating the unit between scheduled misting times.
  • Lines and Nozzles – perfectly placed around the perimeter of your property to secure desired coverage.
  • UV Protected and Available in Three Colors – white, tan, and black to effectively blend in and match the décor of your yard. The misting systems can also be painted if desired.
  • Multiple Misting Systems – your choice of traditional Drum-based units or the GEN III+ Tankless System.
  • MistAway’s Superior Technology – is designed to deliver optimal results for home and business owners. No other misting system on the market can match its unparalleled quality and performance.
  • Expert Installation and Maintenance – Unique Outdoor is committed to excellence in all endeavors. Customers are guaranteed timely installations, along with unsurpassed customer service and maintenance.

For more information on Unique Outdoor Mosquito Misting Systems, please get in touch with us today.