How We Started

Mosquito Prevention and Outdoor Illumination 

The journey of Unique Outdoor began in 1999 with a passion for helping our friends, neighbors, and community keep mosquitoes under control. As anyone who lives in our area knows, mosquitoes are an ever-present nuisance that can ruin any picnic, party, or outdoor event. We knew advances in science and technology meant it didn’t have to be that way, so we decided to use these developments to our advantage and create a better way of life for as many people as we could.

Outdoor Evolution 

We soon found that our passions transcended mosquito control and that we wanted to improve all aspects of outdoor activities and events for our customers. We realized quality outdoor lighting was crucial to safety and enjoyment when spending time out of the house. We aim to stay well informed of all our clients’ concerns, so we’ve expanded our services over time to ensure you have everything you need to enjoy the outdoors.

Serving Houston

We love Houston as much as anyone, but we realize the heat and humidity can make it pretty tempting to stay indoors all weekend long! To make matters worse, mosquitoes thrive in the local climate. But we want you to enjoy the natural light and beauty Houston has to offer, and eliminating mosquitoes is the first step to a more pleasant outdoor experience. Beyond mosquitoes, we go the extra mile to help our customers enjoy sun, shade, and summer breezes in their own unique way!

Visit our website for more information on how we can make your yard a safer and more comfortable place to spend time!

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