For those in the Houston area, winter is when many people start to spend more time indoors. Although it might not be as cold as much of the rest of the country, for those native to Texas, the cooler air can feel absolutely frigid. That does not mean, however, that it is impossible to enjoy some outdoor lighting throughout the season. Here are some fantastic lighting ideas that should help homeowners enjoy all that their property has to offer, even during the Texas winter.

Holiday Lighting all Winter Long

Winter tends to be a wonderful time to dress up the yard with festive lights. People across the country enjoy partaking in this tradition as a way to liven people’s spirits as the winter sets in. Even once the actual holidays are passed, it can be a wonderful way to keep the yard looking cheerful and festive.

Although leaving a giant Santa inflated in the middle of the front yard might not sit well with the neighbors, tastefully decorating some trees in the front and back can be beautiful. Wrapping white lights around the trunks can help light up the entire yard while also adding a joyful spirit. When these trees show the way to the entranceway of a home, it can be very impressive.

Similarly, light up the paths to the home using small torches. There are windproof candles that can be used for a particularly stunning effect. The beauty and draw of fire, especially during the coldest months of the year tend to be particularly appealing.

Focus on the Lighting the Back Yard

Although many Houston residents may find the evening temperatures quite cool in the winter, that does not mean that the yard must be abandoned for the season. Instead, focus on lighting the backyard. Accent features and individual plants with subtle and indirect lights. Use tall laps to provide ample lighting and a bit of modern design.

Make the entire atmosphere more appealing by adding some outdoor heat generators to the area or a fire pit in the middle. Either option will provide everyone with a bit more heat, making the evenings enjoyable once again.

Houston is an exciting, stunning place to call home. Those who live in the area should not fear being stuck inside all winter. By using some gorgeous outdoor lighting for the season, they can make their yards appealing and enjoy the time, even on the coldest days of the year.