landscape lighting houston

You may be interested in having landscape lighting for your Houston home, but maybe you have some misconceptions about landscape lighting design in Houston and how lighting design works for your home. Here are some common misconceptions.

More Light Is Always Better

One of the big misconceptions about landscape lighting is that more is better. Landscape lighting is intended to emphasize the positives of one’s home and to provide safety. Having too much light is almost as bad as having none. You can actually cause light pollution and waste energy, not to mention annoy your neighbors with the glaring light. It’s better to have someone design your landscape lighting who knows how to do it both effectively and aesthetically.

LED Lighting Isn’t Bright Enough and Can’t Compare to Traditional Lighting

LED landscape lighting is so versatile and can produce some amazingly bright lights, there is no reason to stick with the old energy wasters. What’s more, you have more control over the color of your lights.

You Can Do As Good a Job Installing Outdoor Lighting As a Professional

While you may be tempted to try to save money, the reality is that DIY or do-it-yourself projects rarely match the professional’s touch when it comes to landscape lighting. The reason is as professionals, we’ve had plenty of experience designing and upgrading landscape lighting. What’s more, we know the technology behind the lighting and can install something quickly and safely.

You’ll Save Money with a DIY Outdoor Lighting Kit

You may be surprised to learn that the do-it-yourself landscaping light systems aren’t as cost-saving as you would like them to be. While they may be cheap, you will get what you pay for and will have to replace them more often. Plus you’re less likely to be happy with the result. The fixtures’ quality and the quality of the light may leave much to be desired. Add to this inexperience in creating lighting for outdoor environments, and you may find yourself calling outdoor lighting professionals to fix your problems.