There are many benefits to having well-lit property. It gives a beautiful aesthetic, enhancing the neighborhood, deterring crime, and making the environment safer for the family. Depending on your home, the lighting needs will vary. If it has interesting features like long paths, eves, trees, a wall, or a garden, the lighting options for the home increase dramatically. Each home has its own style that can be enhanced.

For instance, homes with classic architecture can be fitted with landscape lights that highlight their traditional appeal whereas, for modern-style homes, a landscape lighting design can be planned to align with its contemporary effect

Additionally, if a home has interesting features like long paths, eves, trees, a wall, or a garden, the lighting options for the home increase dramatically. Unique Outdoor provides creative solutions to all of your landscape lighting needs.

Tips for Highlighting Common Outdoor Elements

Elements like trees, plants, shrubs, ponds, waterfalls, fountains, sculptures and other items help elevate your home’s outdoor space or yard, and even more so if these are illuminated with the right lighting.  Here are some recommendations on how you can accentuate these features with outdoor residential lighting in Houston TX:

Pathways, Entrance, Gates

Accentuate the entrance to a home while warding off criminals. Bad guys don’t like bright lights. Give your home the air of sophistication that you deserve while keeping the neighborhood safe. Why let that beautiful gate and hedge get lost in the dark when you can accent them in a classy way? Energy-efficient lighting will illuminate the natural beauty of your wrought iron or stone fixtures.

The pathways of the home say just as much as its entrance. To avoid injuries, a visible walkway is a must, but more importantly, a glowing walk can give you a sense of sanctuary when entering the house. These lights don’t have to be particularly bright either, they can be soft and welcoming. The door to your domain is another important part of a holistic lighting scheme. The numbers on your home may be brightly lit, or subtle accent lighting may be added around the foyer.

Large Trees or Other Structures

Trees on the property are another stylish object to light.  Light fixtures on the ground or attached to the tree itself can lend a fantastic and memorable look, perfect for parties that extend into the evening.

If the property has a gazebo on it, you definitely want to consider lighting this area. The right, creative touch of autumn landscape lighting can cause dramatic transformations to drab landscapes and structures.

The same can be said about garden space. A nondescript tripping hazard can transform into a magic fairy dwelling. The sensitive application of light can create a space that is pleasing to the eye. Strategically placed lights help create light accents that can highlight the natural elements like trees, plants, shrubs, and even rocks, building an impressive scene that instantly elevates the appeal of your garden. 

Waterfalls, Ponds, Fountains

If you have a decorative water feature in your yard or garden, you’re one of the lucky few. However if you haven’t decorated it with the right autumn landscape lighting, you haven’t yet realized its full aesthetic potential for nighttime viewing.

Waterfalls and ponds are a joy to accentuate with lighting, as water reflects the soft glow of lights like no other element can. The depth of waterfalls and fountains can be beautifully captured with the help of spotlights placed at multiple levels to create an up-lighting effect or with path lights installed at the top.

Ponds with fish lend themselves beautifully to stunning lighting effects, especially with underwater lights. Watching the fish swim in a lighted scene makes for a unique after-dark yard feature.

Varieties of Landscape Lighting

To accentuate the above features in your yard, there’s an array of outdoor lighting choices. We take a look at some of these autumn landscape lighting options below:

Path Lights

Path lights are the most common type of landscape lighting in Houston TX or anywhere else for that matter. As the name suggests, these can illuminate a pathway or driveway and also feature well alongside tiny water bodies.

Spot Lights

Spotlights are great at creating a silhouetting or shadowing effect. Use these with any of the above-mentioned elements as they create an ethereal scene with accents and shadows. Many well-lit and eye-catching landscapes feature spotlights with well lights, which we explain below.

Well Lights

Well lights are placed into the ground, so they’re typically used for achieving an up-lighting effect with trees, walls, and artifacts. It’s no wonder then that these lights are a favorite of landscape lighting consultants as well as homeowners. Set into the ground, they offer a distinct effect from the other lights. They can also create a one-of-a-kind silhouetting and shadowing effect when placed strategically.

Flood Lights

Flood lights are one of the sturdiest landscape lights, which are commonly used as backyard lighting fixtures in Houston, TX. They are used to illuminate driveways and porches. In addition, they help add depth and character to a landscape with their ability to lend a shadowing effect.


We hope our tips on highlighting landscape features with outdoor lighting help you elevate the beauty of your outdoor space. No matter what your landscape vision is, we can bring it to life with our high-quality products. 

Unique Outdoor features a wide and stunning collection of accent lighting, path lighting, specialty lighting, moonlighting, and garden collection fixtures. In addition, we offer high-quality, low-voltage, and energy-efficient LED outdoor landscape lighting in Houston, TX.

Are you ready to take the first step towards creating a magical, dreamlike outdoor space? To get started, contact us today!