Illuminated Garden by LED Lighting

Lighting has the power to influence mood. It is the reason why many people will recommend that those who have begun to feel sluggish or melancholy spend more time out in the sun. Lights can also help regulate the body after traveling through various time zones and help people feel more alert. Given the wide range of potential uses for light, it makes sense that correctly arranging outdoor lights can help people feel happier when spending time in their yards.

Understanding the relationship between light and mood

In the world before electricity and light bulbs, humans scheduled their days around the rising and setting of the sun. It makes sense, therefore, that the body is designed to start slowing down and preparing to sleep when there is a lack of light. When there is inadequate light regularly, people can start feeling a little depressed. Researchers published a meta-analysis in the American Journal of Psychiatry that found that light therapy did show a significant reduction in depression symptoms in particular situations, further lending credence to the idea.

Studies conducted on those eating in restaurants found that soft lighting tends to increase the satisfaction that people feel while eating, helping them to feel happy with their choices. Meanwhile, excessively bright lighting may result in people eating more, eating faster, and feeling less satisfaction.

How to maximize lights when decorating outdoors

Using outdoor lights to set the mood for the yard is a fantastic way to get the most out of the area. Lighting can be used to accent particular areas and create a light and happy atmosphere that will attract both the family and any guests to the outdoors. Lighting that incorporates hanging lanterns and similar accessories helps to create feelings of romance. Avoid adding too much light or using lights that are too bright, which detract from the ambiance. Soft lights are much more welcoming and help people feel joyful and ready to spend the evening in the yard. Well-placed accent lights in the front of a home can help make the home feel welcoming to both owners and visitors when they arrive, which will also help to boost the mood of everyone who enters.

When it comes to determining mood, lighting plays an enormous role. Those designing their own backyard space can help tap into this potential by designing a well-lit atmosphere that uses soft lighting to promote feelings of happiness among all who venture there. Homeowners interested in learning more should speak with Unique Outdoor to see how their lighting services can help set the mood.