Landscape lighting is one way to beautify and call attention to the delightful features of the gardens and exterior of the home. However, lighting is also an effective means of protecting the home from intruders. With these suggestions for outdoor lighting in Houston, homeowners can sleep more securely at night.

Lighting for Entryways

Burglars often look for homes that have inadequate lighting. If it is difficult to see, then it is difficult to be seen, especially by someone inside the home or a person driving on the street. Lighting for doors and other entryways makes thieves think twice. Lighting on porches and stoops, path lighting, and even line voltage lighting in trees are very effective methods of illuminating walkways and doors. These landscape lighting approaches also have the added benefit of improving safety for Houston homeowners and guests, as they walk to and from the driveway.

Proper Landscape Lighting in Houston

Even homes with the best-lit entryways can have dark corners of the yard where trouble may choose to lurk. This means that homeowners should consider other areas where lighting would be most effective. Thieves do not always seek to come in through the door. They may also choose to enter through a window or go to the garage to steal things that are inside. Low-voltage lighting for the home’s exterior, especially near the garage and first-floor windows, is inexpensive and adds a lovely touch of class to the home.

Motion-Sensing Outdoor Lighting

Few people want to keep their outdoor lights on all night to deter intruders. Lighting that can sense motion is particularly useful after dark. When a person walks up, the lights detect the movement and turn on immediately. This lighting strategy makes burglars feel more at risk and alerts homeowners that someone or something is moving around on the property. Motion-sensing lighting features also help homeowners save money on utility bills by limiting how much energy they use for outdoor lighting at night.

Landscape lighting systems are designed to be beautiful, easy to use, and also provide added security for the home. Unique Outdoor’s lighting experts are ready with a free consultation or estimate, to turn any home into a beacon of beauty and safety for Houston homeowners.