Homeowners work hard to decorate and then accentuate the interior design of their homes through lighting and other methods. However, when the proper attention is not given to the outdoors as it is to the indoors, a house can end up looking unfinished or simply dull or dark on the outside. We at Unique Outdoor are passionate about helping homeowners complete their home’s overall look by illuminating their beautiful outdoor spaces with great landscape lighting design in Houston. The following are a few lighting ideas for homeowners who want to bring to life their rustic outdoor theme.

Lighting the Walkway or Path

The path or walkway is vastly important in an outdoor area. After all, homeowners want to ensure ease of travel when they are outdoors or host parties. In other words, they don’t want anyone tripping on steps or other obstacles as they traverse around their yard. We at Unique Outdoors have the perfect solution to this problem. We offer a variety of walkway lights that blend seamlessly into the decor, which is ideal for the rustic theme where modern lights do not fit. Our goal is to illuminate the rustic features of a homeowner’s outdoor area, not interfere with its beauty.

Specialty Lighting

Utilizing specialty lighting is another way for homeowners to perfect their rustic outdoor look. This can be through the creation of a focal point, such as an illuminated bird bath, or could include a lighted planter. An outdoor dining area can be illuminated with a rustic chandelier, such as one created with faux antlers, which works beautifully with a rustic theme. Another idea could include placing small lights that resemble lanterns around the space.

Accent Lighting

Yet another way for homeowners to add life to their rustic outdoor space is to add accent lighting. This will bring the space alive when the sun sets. Accent lighting focuses on a specific object or location. It can be focused on a statue, such as an owl statue or one of another animal. It could also focus on a water feature, a beautiful display of rock, a gazebo, or any other architectural or natural feature homeowners want to accentuate. The idea is to illuminate what homeowners want to show off, that being elements that go well with their rustic theme, and draw the eye away from areas that might not fit the theme.

Above all, we at Unique Outdoor want to help homeowners bring their vision to life. Rustic themes offer a wonderful opportunity to focus on natural elements and create a space that emulates the true beauty of nature.