There are lots of things that are fun to DIY, but don’t be tempted to handle your outdoor lighting projects by yourself. Whether you’re a business owner who needs path illumination or a homeowner who wants to know when the neighbor’s dog is back, getting professional outdoor lighting installation pays off in numerous ways.

Safety Concerns

First, consider how dangerous a poorly installed outdoor lighting system can become. Anytime you mix electricity and moisture, there is a chance for fires and explosions. It’s all too easy for a homeowner to accidentally nick the insulation on the wire and not realize it until the lights short out in a blaze. Also, it’s easy to underestimate how deep to bury the wiring and end up cutting it with a weed whacker or lawn mower.

Design Features

Don’t forget about the look of the lighting. While you may think a few basic flood lamps are enough to give you peace of mind at night, great lighting can make a home look amazing. The professionals can also tailor the system to minimize power use, lower your electricity bills, or create a custom solution that fixes a problem basic out-of-the-box lights fail to address. If you’re not happy with any of the options you find for fence post toppers or landscaping lamps in the big box stores, the professionals can either order higher quality pieces from the manufacturers or even build custom pieces to fit your dreams. Consider how you will affect your current landscaping by trying to install the equipment yourself too. Experienced installers carefully remove the sod and put it back into place for an almost seamless look.

Faster Repairs

Do you have the spare time to spend hours tracking down what part of the lighting system is causing a malfunction? With hundreds of feet of buried wire needed to connect even basic outdoor lighting systems, repairs can become a serious frustration for home and business owners.

By investing in professional landscape lighting design in Houston, to begin with, you’re reducing the need for repairs and making them easier to accomplish at the same time. Since the professionals know where and how they installed every component in the system, pinpointing the cause of a flicker or brownout is much easier. They also have the equipment to trace disruptions and power fluctuations back to the source.