Unique Outdoor specializes in a myriad of lighting and illumination services. From accent to path lighting, they have the tools and expertise to create a stunning and vibrant environment. Whether you love mercury lights or halogen bulbs, Unique Outdoor can truly meet your needs within time and budget.

Why Outdoor Lighting Is Important At Night

Outdoor lighting is simply essential for any home or commercial establishment. Without it, your guests and visitors will be in the dark. It will also be difficult for you and your loved ones to effectively navigate the property. With over 17 years of industry experience, Unique Outdoor has helped countless homes and businesses with their lighting and installation needs. All it takes is one phone call or e-mail to secure timely and affordable lighting solutions for all your properties.

Moon Lighting

Mercury vapor falls under the Line Voltage Lighting category. Also known as moonlighting, this technique employs 120v fixtures at higher tree points. These innovative lights emit a soft glow that easily resembles the moon. These lights also capture the allure and essence of your trees, floral arrangements, and landscape.

Another Moon Lighting Option

Mercury Vapor Area Lighting can also be secured via up-lights. The latter offers a great contrast to low-voltage accent lighting. With the magic of moonlighting, your trees and heavily forested areas will illuminate like no other. They are also easy on the eyes while offering ample lighting for backyard parties and social gatherings.

Outdoor Lighting Designers

To ensure maximum performance and delivery, Unique Outdoor proudly showcases the best designers in the industry today. With over 10 years of experience, their designers are both creative and well-versed in the ways of illumination. No matter what lighting effect you want to achieve, they have the tools and knowledge to turn your dreams into realities.

Outdoor Lighting Options

This includes Garden lighting themes, which can be as extensive or minimal as desired. There are also Specialty and Outdoor lighting services available for one and all. When selecting the right lighting scheme, let your imagination soar. From Cathedral Collection themes to illuminated bird baths, Unique Outdoor Lighting handles it all. If you want to enhance your landscape with captivating lights and imagery, now is the perfect chance to tap into various affordable and lasting services.

What Types of Properties Could Use Moon Lighting?

Landscape Moon lighting

There are countless properties in the area, but to be clear, almost any type can benefit from landscape moonlighting in Houston. If you’re thinking about sprucing up your residential property, you’ll add an entirely new dimension to your trees or tall plant life at night with these subtle-yet-gorgeous lights.

Your trees will look like their light sources, but they will also provide the right balance of light. You won’t have to cover your eyes to appreciate the beauty. That’s important because lights from above can have an irritating effect on the eyes if they are too bright.

If you’re considering adding some aesthetic or even practical value to a commercial property, landscape moonlighting in Houston will accomplish this goal as well. Not only will your commercial building be more pleasurable to look at and offer more ambiance when it gets dark, but you’ll also be adding a level of safety because people who may enter that property at night will be able to see better.

Are There Low Voltage Moon Lighting Options?

One thing that people tend to avoid is running up electrical costs at night for obvious reasons. When you take a look at moonlights for trees, it isn’t unreasonable to instantly think that they must cost a lot to install and to run given the abundance of light and beauty they add when they are on.

However, that isn’t necessarily the case, as there are low-voltage moon lighting fixtures that will give you the light and the aesthetics you need without running up your utility bill. For example, LED lighting technology offers soft and pleasant lighting that’s still quite effective, but these lights do not require as much energy as other types.

What Features Are Needed for Moon Lighting?

As mentioned above, landscape moonlighting in Houston can work on almost any property. All you need is plant life that allows lights to shine from above your head. Even absent sturdy trees or large plants, you can still install moonlighting on non-living fixtures that already exist on your property.

The only downside to that idea is that you’ll be missing out on the beauty that you get when the foliage of plant life sits in front of these moonlights. Regardless, you’ll still add a practical feature to your residential or commercial property.

If you’re thinking of adding landscape moonlighting in Houston, but you’re not quite sure how it would work or how you should proceed, your next step should be to contact the experienced team of landscape lighting professionals at Unique Outdoor.

We’ll provide you with all the information and feedback you need to narrow your choices and to ultimately make your decision. You’re one phone call or email away from having a whole new feature on your property.

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