LED Lighting Saves Money, and Here’s How

LED lighting uses at least 25% less energy than halogen incandescence or even compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), and are safer to use. LED lighting does not burn hot like a bulb that relies on a filament as a conductor of energy and it does not rely on potentially harmful chemical vapors that can leak when bulbs are broken.

LED Lit Garden

How LED Lighting Works

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) control current without using moving parts, vacuum gaps, or heated filaments by using semiconductors to convert electricity into light. In LED bulbs positively and negatively charged currents come together creating energy that is released in the form of light. This process produces light that is instantaneous, reliable, and can be adjusted to brighter or dimmer.

A Cost-Efficient Investment

LED lighting uses somewhere between 25% – 30% less energy than do other forms of electrical lighting, and lasts about 25 times longer as well. These numbers depend upon bulb wattage, cost per kilowatt hour, and the amount of time that the light is used. If something uses less energy, then it is indeed cost-efficient, but investing in LED lighting will save you money in other ways.

LED technology is growing which means the number of applications will increase and be used in many different ways. The process will be adapted to new and broader uses which means that it will become more and more generic and inexpensive. Investing in LED lighting means investing in the future. More and more electronic products will be compatible with products that use LED lighting. Not only will this technology become even more widespread, it will also improve and provide better lighting more efficiently and inexpensively. The more products that use a process, the more inexpensive that process becomes.

Whether it’s for safety and security, for beauty enhancement, or both, outdoor professional lighting experts can use LED technology to bring your vision of your home’s yard and outdoor spaces alive with illumination that will last for years to come.

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