For long-term mosquito control, our misting systems yield the greatest returns on investment. However, we also have mosquito fogging services available if you need a short-term solution for special events like parties, weddings, and outdoor activities. This service option is ideal for individuals who need a quick fix or a few months of mosquito control instead of year-round service.

This service is effective because:

We Have Expertise

A mosquito misting system is good because it covers your entire yard, but when you get our monthly mosquito fogging service in Houston, you are getting trained and experienced professionals to your location to identify trouble spots and take care of them before they become a major problem. 

Our mosquito fogging experts know the Houston climate and ecology, and they know exactly the conditions where mosquitoes like to breed, where they like to hide, and where they like to rest during the day. It’s this kind of expertise that will give you a mosquito-free event.

We Work Safely

Our mosquito fogging experts know what to spray and what not to spray. They know what time of day to spray, and exactly how much to spray, and they can give you instructions on how much time needs to pass before you can use your outdoor space after a fogging session. It’s a safe procedure by trained and experienced professionals, so no one at your home or event will be bothered by any chemical residue.

We Work On Your Time Schedule

We know that time is money, and we respect your time. Our job is to ensure that the mosquito fogging job is taken care of promptly. We arrive when we say we’re going to arrive, and we finish when we say we’re going to finish. We will never leave you waiting impatiently. We are also cognizant of your event, and we will schedule the mosquito fogging service so that it will be done in precisely the right amount of time before you need it.

We Are Efficient

Again, we know that you’re busy, and we know that you don’t want the intrusiveness of a mosquito fogging getting in your way. If you want us to come for several months, we will do the job in the least amount of fogging sessions to achieve maximum effectiveness. 

Houston has mosquitos: we feel them on our skin every year. Let’s make this the year that your event is mosquito-free.