Mosquitoes and Their Attraction to Light

You may know that mosquitoes are attracted to things like certain blood types, body odors, and carbon dioxide, but you might not realize how much they are attracted to light. Below we answer a few questions about mosquitoes and their attraction to light so that you can choose the best lighting options for your home.

Are mosquitoes attracted to light?

Mosquitoes are positive phototaxis insects, which means simply that light attracts them. They also find certain lights irresistible, and they will travel some distance to reach something if they believe it to be in their interest.

What kind of light do they prefer?

Science shows that mosquitoes are most attracted to UV lights that have a cool, blue tone. Knowing this can help you decide which outdoor lights you should choose, and which you should avoid.

Which lights attract mosquitoes the most?

Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) attract the most flying insects. This bulb beams violet wavelengths, which is sure to make all mosquitoes rush towards it. Older LED lights are also a preference because they emit a high amount of UV light.

Is there a light that won’t attract mosquitoes?

Yellow lights are the best thing to use in your outdoor areas to keep mosquitoes away. Because they emit less UV, flying insects don’t find them as attractive as other light sources.

If you prefer to use LED lights for your outdoor areas, make sure you choose yellow LED lights instead of blue-toned ones. Some LED light bulbs are created with reduced UV and blue light levels. This makes them much less of a mosquito magnet.

What services can Unique Outdoor provide to keep mosquitoes away?

Our LED landscape lighting replicates the warm light of standard halogen and incandescent light, so it isn’t the blue color that mosquitoes love. We also offer mosquito control systems and monthly fogging options because we know that changing the type of light around your home isn’t enough to keep it mosquito-free. Contact us to talk to a professional about your mosquito control needs.

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