What You Need to Know About Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can change the entirety of an outdoor space. Too little or too much outdoor lighting can be detrimental to the comfort and/ or safety of an outdoor space. Learn just the right way to ensure an outdoor space can be enjoyed to its greatest extent!

Landscape lighting design.

Avoid using too many lights!

Avoid using too many lights, especially a plethora of decorative fixtures. Too many lights can create a number of problems, primarily including: wasting electricity and attracting bugs to a property. The right lighting takes balance.

Use only LED lights.

Did you know that LED lights are very affordable, long-lasting, and energy-efficient? LED lights are, really, all that should be used to power landscape lighting, nowadays. They really are the best option currently available on the market!

Use transformers made of steel.

Did you know that transformers are smaller now than ever before? A larger transformer is not needed to ensure durability. Steel is really the most durable material to choose for a transformer, especially considering that transformers are smaller than ever.

Use copper and brass light fixtures.

Copper and brass light fixtures age miles better than do other materials. They age very charmingly and, really, they can last at least a lifetime.

Of course, depending on the best-fitting type of lighting for an outdoor space, copper and brass light fixtures may not be necessary. But, generally speaking, copper and brass light fixtures are the best choice. This is where professional discernment is needed for the best choice in lighting.

Professional lighting installations work best!

Determining the right landscape lighting can be challenging. Professional landscape lighting designers will know the best placement and materials for any outdoor space.

Find great professional landscape lighting design in Houston.

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