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LED Landscape Lighting in Houston, Texas

Unique Outdoor Illumination & Mosquito Pros offers the latest innovations and expert designs for outdoor lighting in the Houston area. We have helped countless residential properties transform the look of their property through beautiful outdoor lighting. Our team works with you to help highlight the areas of your property that you want to show off while also ensuring that your property is made more secure.

One of the ways our team does this is by using LED lighting for our outdoor designs. LED lighting is a top choice among homeowners across the Houston area. They are an environmentally and economically friendly option that promotes savings while elevating the aesthetic appeal of your property. Unique Outdoor Illumination & Mosquito Pros is committed to helping our clients through the design process and installing the lights perfectly to increase the appeal and safety of their homes. Here is what you can expect from our LED lighting services.

What Is LED Lighting?

LED is an acronym that stands for Light Emitting Diode. Fixtures that use LED lighting produce up to 90% more efficient light than incandescent bulbs. They operate by passing an electrical current through a microchip, which then illuminates the tiny light sources called LEDs. The result is a visible light that cuts down on energy loss, as it does not generate heat as incandescent and fluorescent bulbs do.

Understanding the Energy Savings of Outdoor LED Lights

LED lighting only uses 12 volts of electricity compared to the standard 120-volt or 110-volt circuits of traditional incandescent bulbs. Because of the lower voltage, homeowners can see a major decrease in their energy consumption and costs after making the switch.

On top of the energy savings, LED lighting has a significantly higher lifespan than other types of lighting. LEDs do not suffer “burnout” and instead, go through a process known as lumen depreciation. This process refers to the loss of brightness as the LEDs age. For most LEDs, this process typically takes around 50,000 hours though higher-end bulbs can reach up to 100,000 hours.

What Are the Benefits of LED Outdoor Lighting?

LED lights are a great solution for outdoor lighting for both residential and commercial properties. There are a plethora of benefits that can be felt such as:

  • Greater energy savings
  • A longer lifespan increases the return on your investment
  • Different tints to choose from, customizing the look of your home
  • Protects the environment by producing less waste and carbon emissions
  • Great for use around plants, children, and pets as there is no risk of burn injury since they do not create heat
  • Perform well in both hot and cold climates
  • Do not attract insects as they do not emit UV rays

How Can Outdoor LED Lighting Better Promote Home and Business Security?

Unique Outdoor Illumination & Mosquito Pros understands that one of the biggest concerns for homeowners and business owners is the security of their property. LED lighting helps address these concerns by providing a reliable light source for security lighting. Since the bulbs have a significantly longer lifespan and won’t need to be changed as often.

LED lights are also considered directional, meaning there is less light waste as the light is directed to the areas that need to be lit up or highlighted the most. Whether you are using a spotlight to show off the beautiful architecture of the home or lighting hard-to-see areas of your yard, LED lighting is the way to go.

Don’t Let Your Property Stay In the Dark

No matter what your dream or vision is for your outdoor lighting, you can rely on the team at Unique Outdoor Illumination & Mosquito Pros to help bring it to life. Our team starts every service by conducting a walk-through, where we make notes of the areas that need lighting for either security or aesthetic purposes. We then go over what you are looking for in your outdoor lighting. We give our recommendations to our custom landscape lighting team so that they can create the perfect design for your property. Once the design is done and approved by you, we will go in and install all of the lighting fixtures.

By using only the best in LED outdoor lighting, you can ensure that your home is never left in the dark. Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced lighting technicians.

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