Great Professional Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Spring 2016

When it comes to creating an outdoor space, much thought is often given to landscaping. That all includes choosing trees, grass and other foliage, as well as mapping out hardscape features such as decking, pathways, outdoor cooking fixtures, water features, etc. A lot of thought is put into making the space the best it can be. It’s important that equal attention be given to lighting, though. Whether the space is residential or commercial, whether starting from scratch or renovating, the right lighting can make a huge difference in an outdoor environment.

Why Outdoor Lighting Is Important

Outdoor lighting serves three main functions: It extends the amount of time that can be spent outdoors, it enhances safety, and it provide atmosphere. Adequate lighting is important for signifying pathways and steps, for creating a festive or romantic mood, and for adding drama to the area. With that said, here are some ideas for creating a stunning outdoor space for Spring 2016.

Spring 2016 Outdoor Lighting

1. Replace Old Lighting with LED Fixtures

If outdoor lighting hasn’t been updated in years, it’s time for an overhaul. LED lighting is energy and cost efficient, and won’t just burn out. LED lighting will lose intensity over time, but overall lasts for many years. While replacing may be an investment, it is a worthwhile one and money will be saved in the long run. It’s also attractive and versatile.

2. Use Outdoor Lighting to Highlight Areas of Interest

Standard porch lighting and a couple strings of mini-lights might look okay, but for people who want to create a real statement in their yard, it really doesn’t take much to do. A few well-placed lights can make a huge difference. Uplighting is an easy technique to highlight areas of interest. A light pointing upward at the base of a tree can provide a dramatic flare while illuminating an area. Uplighting can also be used to accent shrubbery, columns or outdoor artwork.

3. Light the Way

Path lights are attractive and functional. They also make the outdoor space safer for visitors. Subtle, in-ground lighting can look sophisticated yet simple, and add a surprising amount of ambiance to the outdoor living space. Lighting steps and railings is also a good idea.

No matter what type of outdoor setting, lighting can enhance it. Lighting can be simple or elaborate, and can set the tone for parties and family gatherings. Learn more about our services for outdoor lighting in Houston by contacting us, today.

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