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Synthetic turf is a sustainable and versatile solution for a home or business’s landscaping needs. Functional and beautiful, synthetic turf can be easily installed and doesn’t require much maintenance, allowing individuals to worry less about their yards and focus more on their day-to-day operations. We’ve gotten questions about synthetic turf and our synthetic turf services, so here’s an FAQ that answers them.

What Is Synthetic Turf?

Synthetic turf is a grass-like ground cover designed to replicate natural grass. With a lush and healthy appearance, it creates gorgeous landscapes without needing constant maintenance.

Synthetic turf is perfect for both businesses and homes. It holds its shape even in the most inclement weather and can handle heavy foot traffic. And, since it doesn’t need to be watered or weeded, it helps save on water and labor costs. 

How Is Synthetic Turf Made?

Synthetic turf is made up of multiple layers to ensure the resiliency of the “grass.” The layers are:

  • Turf Fiber (top layer): The top layer is made of hardy grass blades that have a granular filler. This gives them the appearance of natural grass sitting on healthy topsoil. The “soil” is often made from sand or granulated recycled tire rubber.
  • Infill Layer: This layer looks like soil and provides support for the grass fibers. It also provides enhanced shock absorption and rapid drainage for your turf.
  • Backing: Made from apolyurethane coating that helps bind the turf in place, the backing ensures none of the fibers move or are damaged under foot traffic.
  • Seaming: This layer is an eco-friendly non-toxic adhesive that offers extra durability to the turf.
  • Shock Pad: This elastic layer improves the turf’s shock absorption and drainage.
  • Drainstone: This foundational layer provides drainage, allowing water to migrate off of the turf instead of pooling up. This protects it from water damage and ensures it remains durable.

What Are the Benefits of Synthetic Turf?

  • Ensures that your landscape looks lush and resilient even in severe climates or after heavy foot traffic.
  • Requires less maintenance than a natural yard.
  • Helps conserve water as synthetic turf does not need watering to remain lush and healthy.

Who Can Invest in Synthetic Grass?

Synthetic grass is perfect for both residential and commercial landscaping. Businesses that can benefit from synthetic turf include:

  • Athletics programs
  • Golf fields
  • Commercial landscaping for any business
  • Pet fields for airports, veterinarian’s offices, and pet daycare centers
  • Amusement Parks

How Long Is the Life Expectancy of Synthetic Turf?

Synthetic turf fields for athletics have a lifespan of up to eight years. Residential and commercial businesses that do not have as intense wear and tear can expect their synthetic turf to last a lot longer—even up to 20 years.

High-Quality Synthetic Turf Is a Phone Call Away

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