Why Our LED Lighting is Superior

LED landscape lighting creates stunning effects using only a fraction of the energy of a standard halogen or incandescent fixture. These fixtures offer many benefits including:

  • Cost efficiency
  • Environmental benefits
  • More versatility than traditional incandescent outdoor lighting  

They Dim but Never Burn Out

LEDs slowly lose intensity over a long period of time instead of burning out, and the human eye cannot recognize the change in brightness until the LED dims 30%. For example, if an LED fixture is rated at 40,000 hours, that means the fixture will lose 30% of its intensity over 40,000 hours. It would take about 17 years before you can recognize the difference in brightness.

Low Voltage, No Problem

Unlike with traditional landscape lighting, voltage drop is not an issue with LED lighting. As long as the voltage at the fixture is within a specific range (i.e. between 8 – 13 volts), the LED fixture will always turn on and produce the same light output. However, traditional landscape lighting would be very dim at 8 volts and very bright at 13 volts.

Compared to the Competition

Standard halogen and incandescent lamps produce a crisp warm light. Low end LED fixtures produce very white and bluish light. Our LED lighting replicates the warm light of standard halogen and incandescent light. Our lights also use an average of 75% less energy than a comparable halogen or incandescent lighting.

Learn More About Our LEDs

Here at Unique Outdoor Illumination, we carry high-quality low voltage LED outdoor landscape lighting that provides warm light equivalent to that of standard halogen and incandescent light.

Contact us to learn more about how our LED lighting fixtures can brighten up your landscape.

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