Unique Outdoor Team

Why We Are Unique

Outdoor Experts 

From our early beginnings, we knew that we had to develop a unique approach to outdoor applications. When it comes to outdoor mosquito protection and lighting we did not originally specialize in exterior lighting but it has since become an integral component of our services. 

The adaptability of our company has uniquely positioned ourselves to provide an array of services to our clients all season long. We have an intimate understanding of exterior landscapes and the requisite services needed for your aesthetic and functional needs.

Quality is Key

We strive to deliver mosquito spray and misting systems that are durable, functional, and technologically advanced to protect your outdoor oasis. In addition, our lighting services are energy efficient and tailored to your outdoor landscape. Before, any installation occurs we will make sure to conduct a thorough walkthrough of the property. This will provide you ample time to ask questions and discuss your desired outcomes with our experienced technicians.

Value in Versatility  

We understand that mother nature, fortunately, makes sure mosquitos are not in effect year-round. Therefore, during months of mosquito inactivity, we provide a variety of exterior lighting options. When mosquitos are dormant our goal is to create the ideal outdoor setting for you and your family. 

For more information about our year-round services contact us today!

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