Why you Might Choose the Drum Based Misting System

Industry Standard 

Gen 1.3 Drum-Based misting system is constructed with molded plastic and a soft waterproof cover to designed to withstand tough weather conditions. This system is able to deliver automatic insect control from the touch of a remote with up to 24 daily mist cycles available. Additionally, with the custom digital controller used exclusively for outdoor insect control, you can start, stop, and skip scheduled mist cycles


One of the most notable features the Gen 1.3 is able to provide is the programmable tank level indicator that way know when your insecticides are running low. Also, with the lockable control panel, you will be able to make sure you are in control of your insecticides. The Agitation feature is also a benefit to make sure the insecticides are activated, thus maximizing pest control efficiency.  

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