Six Zika-Related Birth Defect Cases in U.S.

Zika Control Unique OutdoorThere are at least six cases of Zika virus-linked birth defects in the United States, said health officials. Three babies were confirmed to have been born in the United States with defects linked to the Zika virus and three were resultingly lost to miscarriages or aborted because of the birth defects.

Although all of the women were infected with Zika by travel, localized outbreaks of the Zika virus are expected in the United States once mosquito season starts, stated the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Evidently, U.S. territory Puerto Rico currently has a growing Zika epidemic.

The CDC says 234 pregnant women in the United States, both residents and visitors, have been diagnosed with Zika.

Prevent Localized Outbreaks of the Zika Virus

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